I want new episodes! NOW!

Six Seasons and a Movie!

Community must get a 6th season!

"Maybe you’ve told people that you’re a Java expert, and now you need to do some serious bluffing. If so, this part of the book is your crash course in Java. (Of course, if the word ‘bluffing’ describes you accurately, you may also want to pick up a copy of ‘Ethics For Dummies’)"

- "Java For Dummies" by Barry Burd


SHOTS FIRED. VOTE HANNIBAL: http://www.hulu.com/bestinshow

I can’t decide…

that top hat suits me perfectly ;)

everybody should turn pro :D

true story!


How have I never seen this skit before omg

can’t stop laughing :D

The Frank Turner Experience

OK, folks, today I will see Frank Turner for the 10th time :)
And it’s not a normal concert, rather a lecture about songwriting at lit.cologne …

I’m excited =)






I can’t remember if I ever posted this or not

Whoa this got notes that’s new

The legs seem to fit their personalities…

Someone draw this

Thank you, this has been a therapeutic experience.